Our Migration to Our Hosting Platform

by Aaron Reimann

July 22, 2015

Web hosting has changed dramatically since I first had my first server in 2004.  I know, what hasn’t changed dramatically in the tech world since then?  Back then Blackberrys (or Blackberries?) were cool and Facebook was called “The Facebook” and no one knew about it.

The number of hosting platforms available these days is almost endless and just about anyone can get a web server spun up very cheaply and quickly.  That doesn’t necessarily mean they should, nor does it mean it is a good thing.  Because we build mostly WordPress sites, it makes sense to use a hosting platform that has a team of WordPress developers to help troubleshoot.

We recently got out of the mess of managing servers and decided to move everything we can to WPEngine. Their hosting is stable and perfect for a professional agency like us. Not only that, I’ve been able to meet some of the team at WordCamp Orlando and WordCamp Boston and they are a fun group of guys.

Check out our story on WPEngine.

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