Gravity Forms Running Total

by Aaron Reimann

January 24, 2017

The use case is pretty short and simple. Adam asked me if there is any way to come up with a total given on a specific field. For example, if there is a donation page, and people are donating money to a cause, he wanted a way to display how much has been given to the cause.

I was sure someone had a plugin that can do this but could not find it in the WordPress repository, so I wrote it. Because it is such a simple plugin, I did not add it to the WordPress repository, but it lives here on Github.

To test and use the plugin, do this:

  • Create a form in Gravity Forms
  • Create a field that is a number (integer)
  • Save the form, and fill it out a few times

Once you have some test data in the form, go to a page and drop in this code:

[gfrt id="1" field="3"]

ID is the form ID number, and the field is the field’s label (basically).

I’d love to know if anyone is actually using this shortcode besides Adam. 🙂

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