Three Articles For GoDaddy

by Aaron Reimann

June 4, 2018

Writing articles on my personal blog and Sideways8’s blog has always been fun. I’ve been in this industry for 20 years, I should have some knowledge that is worth sharing, right?!? The industry has changed dramatically over the years. No longer does anyone use frames in pages, the blink tag is deprecated and Netscape is no longer king. But the quest for knowledge is still why we write.

Passing along knowledge via “how to” articles benefits the world. I have had the privilege, over the past eight months, to write three articles for GoDaddy’s blog.

  1. 8 tips for starting a web design agency
  2. How to edit WordPress themes when you’re not a developer
  3. Who hosts this website? Tips and tools for finding IP address, DNS details and more

These topics aren’t related, one is about running an agency, one about WordPress and the last one is pretty technical. But that will be changing. I’ve been asked to write three posts that are related, kind of like a series. These articles will be coming out in July, August, and September and I’ll post links to them here.

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