48in48 Servers in 2019 Fall Events

Clockwork is heavily involved in 48in48.org. The concept is kind of crazy. We build 48 web sites in 48 hours for 48 non-profits. Last weekend, we did this in Atlanta (my home town), New York and Raleigh-Durham.

At these events there are two main things that I help out with: 1) WordPress support and 2) Servers. This was the first weekend when we had 3 events going on at once.

Our servers run on a multitenancy set up that some very smart employees at my former company (Sideways8) built. As Clockwork was the hosting platform for Sideways, I was able to retain the hosting platform for 48in48. The platform currently runs on a couple of database servers, a provisioning server, portal server and 20 app servers all on Digital Ocean.

The servers normally have wonderful stats that create simple graphs like this:

This is the ideal set up. We try to keep our servers very fast, but sometimes, like when we have hundreds of people building websites in 3 different cities all at the same time, the server looks like this:

Our servers are now back to normal. In fact, I was able to downgrade them since the event was over and the CPU usage is much less even with the downgrade.

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