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Why we use Basecamp (a project management tool)

Sideways8 just hit it’s second year this month, November 2011. We started working together before that, somewhere around May of ’08, and separately we have been doing sites on and off since 1996. With that said, we have a lot experience doing what we do. That doesn’t necessarily mean we are perfect at what we…


Switching over to our server

We never force our clients to host web sites with us, but when we make a switch and take a site live it might take a little while to “catch up” with the DNS server that a client might be on. Here are a few things that can cause a slow switch over on their…


Editing web files without FTP

Are you a web designer that sometimes needs to SSH into a web site and make some changes but don’t know a Unix text editor? Here are some basic commands that you might need while navigating into the correct directory and editing a file using Vi, one of the best text editors around (if you…