Are They For Real? Fake Facebook Fans and the Damage They Do

In the world of social media, people often measure popularity by the number of followers or fans. But what if these fans aren’t real? Welcome to the murky world of fake Facebook fans. These are not genuine users but rather social media bots or fake accounts. People create them to inflate the number of followers…

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Social Media Ted Talks

I’m a big fan of Ted Talks, it forces me to think through my processes and my habits. Recently I wrote a blog post called “Breaking the Social Media Addiction“. Was I addicted to Social Media? Maybe, but I don’t think so, but I’d rather assume I was and make some changes to make sure…

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Sharing a link on Facebook via WordPress

iMac on a desk

I spent too much time figuring this out.  I’m not a SEO guy, I’m a code guy.  But I also have to handle trouble tickets here and there and everywhere.  One of our clients needed full control over which is shared on Facebook on a page-by-page basis.  Some plugins handle a single image for every…

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