A repeat customer is the best compliment we can receive.

In 2021, we received this complement twice

MSU Innovation Campus

Several years ago, members of our team built a website for Charter Realty Group.

We continue to provide hosting and support services for Charter. We were honored when they turned to us to build a site for one of their new ventures, Montana State University Innovation Campus (MSUIC).

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Located in the growing city of Bozeman, Montana, MSUIC facilitates a partnership between the university and private industry to foster cutting-edge research and development. The website needed to explain MSUIC’s mission clearly, showcase the unique location, and provide up-to-date information.


Using the mountains surrounding Bozeman as inspiration, we carried the sharp angles of the logo throughout the design. We rewrote and restructured the content to more effectively introduce their potential clients to the project and provide information in a logical manner. We also used many of the same back-end tools and methods as we had for Charter to make it easier for their staff to keep the site content current.

Gwinnett Community Church

When Gwinnett Community Church needed an updated website, they turned to us for a second time.

Our team had built a system to organize their sermons in the past but it was no longer meeting their needs. The site had also become disorganized and needed to be streamlined. Finally, they wanted to focus on newcomers without losing touch with their parishioners and showcase their streaming services.

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We started by reorganizing their content to appeal to potential members but making sure parishioners could easily find the information they needed. We worked with them to make a list of features they would like to have for the sermons–searchability, tags, categories, video, audio. Most importantly, though, they wanted everything to be easy to update.

Using the newly established branding guidelines and the reorganized content, our designer created a stunning, easy to navigate site. We built a custom filtering plugin to better organize their sermons while reusing the intuitive WordPress post interface with which the client was familiar. We embedded their YouTube stream on the home page, keeping parishioners on the site longer. Finally, we provided training sessions as well as personalized videos to show their staff how to update the site.


Cyndi Lunsword

Communications Administrator, Gwinnett Community Church

Thank you all so much for giving us a fresh new look! We are so excited to have the services streaming automatically and a more streamlined organization of the site. Thank you for working with us to get something special and tailored for us.

With any project, we strive to create visually appealing sites with functionality that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations and leave them able to do any content updates they wish to do. Both MSU Innovation Campus and Gwinnett Community Church felt we met these goals again. Although we have built sites that will grow with them, we always look forward to working with clients again.

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