Sears Pool

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Sears Pool is a pool management and renovation company servicing the Atlanta area. They provide a full range of services to community pools as well as training for lifeguards.

This growing business needed a more modern look and feel as well as streamlined content and functionality to better serve its diverse customers and employees alike.

Fresh coat of paint

We started with rebranding

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Sears Pool Web Logo 2020

We developed a new logo

An initial challenge was updating their logo while keeping the "buoy" element intact per their request. With an updated color scheme, and modern fonts, we were able to present a new logo with a modern feel that maintained the spirit of the old one.


Along with a new logo, crisper colors, and fonts for a more modern feel, their team now has branding guidelines to use across other platforms for consistency.

Old vs New

Next, we restructured their content to better tell the story of their company, to let potential clients know how Sears can help them.

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The content was streamlined to allow their diverse audience to quickly see what services Sears Pool offers.

Simultaneously we identified keywords and descriptions for each page to assist with organic search engine optimization as well as support advertising strategies Sears may wish to employ in the future.


The Lifeguards page is an important resource for Sears Pool. The previous page not only lacked the visuals to tell the Sears Pool story, but the content also was not as inviting or approachable as their team had been with us.


Using the new branding standards and streamlined content, we created a stunning new Lifeguard page with calls to action for all streams of their business. Overall, this site now appeals to a wide audience from teens looking for lifeguard training to homeowner associating boards.

A winning formula

Gravity Forms to the rescue!

Sears Pool was using many different tools to collect leads, manage customer information, and process registration and payments for their classes. We were able to leverage one tool for all of these operations. By building all forms with one tool, we were able to simplify their internal processes.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Sears Pool’s management team. They dove (pun intended) right in and quickly learned the tools we provided to update the website and numerous forms.


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