living science academy

Living Science Academy is a Christian hybrid homeschool center in Woodstock, Georgia. They provide STEM and other academic classes for students from second grade through high school as well as science clubs for K-1.

This unique and fun school was in need of a site update to not only increase enrollment, but also give current families a more engaging and user friendly experience when accessing information about the school.

Read more about the improvements made to each page and view changes by hovering over each screen below.

Previous Home Page

The client's primary request was to build a more engaging and fun site that accurately reflected the exciting activities Living Science Academy has to offer. With prospective and current families looking for a wide variety of material throughout the site, we also needed to make sure the user experience was clear and well-organized so that information could be found easily.

The challenge presented itself when we started working through the content for the pages. Each page had a lot of copy, which was all very necessary to capture, but also meant we had to get creative with how to lay out each page so that it would be both streamlined and fun. In addition, the pages on the old site were numerous and weren't intuitive from a user flow perspective. It was time to reorganize the site content to form an intentional strategy.

Updated Home Page

With our content coaching strategy, we helped reorganize the copy on the site, combining entire pages in creative ways to simplify the user's journey. As an example, some of the content on the original 'About' page featured unique aspects of the school that set it apart, which seemed to be a great fit for the homepage. We used some animated circles with expanding copy underneath to highlight these features of the school without making the page too heavy with text.

We also featured links to each academic level of the school, as well as a call to action encouraging prospective families to attend an open house. With folders full of great images from past school events, we had great options to choose from to make sure the visual elements showed the school's fun, hands-on philosophy.

The client's main goal for their new website was to direct new families to sign up for an Open House at the school's facility. To accomplish this, we added a prominent and interactive Call to Action at the bottom of the pages, as well as a call-out module on multiple pages that highlighted upcoming Open House dates.

Previous About Page

For the About page on the old site, the focus was largely on a STEM teaching foundation. There was so much more to say about this amazing school that we wanted to capture! The unique traditions of the school, focus on field trips and hands-on events, and the compelling history of the founders all deserved a prominent place on this page.

Updated About Page

We worked hard on this page to include visual elements that allowed for a more streamlined read on the plentiful copy. An icon list served the teaching philosophy well, and an interactive circle module allowed us to highlight the unique aspects of the school that demonstrate their commitment to facilitating incredible memories for their students. We brought the circles back in to showcase the STEM foundation as well as the story of the founders.

Fully Responsive

The new site was built from the very beginning with all screen sizes in mind. We knew that both current and prospective families would need access to the information on the site anytime, anywhere. From phones to tablets, portrait to landscape, the new Living Science Academy site is fully responsive.

Building a fresh, new site for Living Science Academy was an incredibly fun project. This school's passion for providing the best experience for their students made us feel honored to be a trusted partner on their team.

Experience the site for yourself, or reach out and let's discuss what we can do for you!