team novo nordisk

Team Novo Nordisk is a professional cycling team made up of athletes who compete with type 1 diabetes. This international team has a clear and inspiring mission: to empower, educate, and inspire everyone affected by diabetes.

The intentionality and drive of this team to raise awareness about diabetes and push the boundaries of what is possible with diabetes made this project an exciting one to participate in. We knew within minutes that their old website did not communicate the excitement and engagement of this team's mission. The old site was also very difficult to keep updated because so much was built in a hard-coded or super complex way. It was our job to build a new site that would be simpler, easier to manage, and clearly represent the purpose of Team Novo Nordisk in a way that was both visually engaging and guided the user in a natural flow through all of their great content.

Read more about the improvements made to each page and view changes by hovering over each screen below.

Previous Home Page

The former Team Novo Nordisk (TNN) homepage looked a bit dated with graphic areas that were not responsive. In addition, it focused largely on race updates when there was much more TNN had to offer its website visitors - research, history, and education around diabetes, just to name a few.

In addition, the team was preparing to celebrate 100 years since the discovery of insulin, the single most important invention in the longevity and health of those living with diabetes. With updated colors, branding, and videos, along with gorgeous new photos taken just as the website project began, we had all of the elements we needed to build a beautiful new homepage.

Updated Home Page

We pulled all new graphic elements into the new homepage and wrote all new copy showcasing TNN's mission, research, history, and the 100 year celebration, all while still prominently featuring the team's races. Each section links to pages featuring additional information to dig deeper.

Using updated tools, we optimized all graphics and layout elements for responsive screens, making sure we built everything in a way that would allow for easy updating by the TNN team in the future. Beautiful background images in parallax as well as gentle animation and hover effects created movement and engagement while still always keeping the focus on the most important aspect: this team's amazing mission.

Races, Partners, & News - oh my!

Between Race events, Team Members, Partners, and multiple content areas, the TNN site had quite a lot of custom post types. We streamlined and reduced as many of these as possible, simplifying the experience for those updating and maintaining the site.

Focusing on graphic elements and visual engagement, we rebuilt the News, Teams, Partners, and Races pages to reflect updated imagery and colors while keeping the content relevant and interactive. By adding some fresh styling to the sort functions and display of the Races page, it gave a whole new look and feel to the experience of viewing the team's calendar. Beautiful hero areas and updated introduction content allowed the Teams pages to shine. Building a fresh layout for all of the team's Partners as well as adding in pages for each Partner to showcase their work with TNN was also a key element for this new site.

Previous About Page

On the old site, the About page had a prominent sidebar, making the layout look dated, and no visual elements to the main content. The team history section linked to a blog post outlining some of the team's inspiring history. While the stroll down memory lane on the timeline showed incredible progress and accomplishment over time, it was quite lengthy and didn't engage the reader visually. The About page is also a natural place to dig deeper on the team's mission and to introduce the athletes, while also laying the groundwork for diabetes education.

Updated About Page

For the new About page, we wrote brand new content, including sections beautifully featuring the team's mission, introducing the athletes, and a primer on diabetes basics, linking each section to an additional page to explore more information. We also transformed the timeline into an engaging visual experience. The call to action on this and many other pages is simple: to stay in touch with all this team is doing by signing up for their newsletter.

Fully Responsive

The new site was built from the very beginning with all screen sizes in mind. We knew that both current and prospective team members, staff, and partners would need access to the information on the site anytime, anywhere. From phones to tablets, portrait to landscape, the new Team Novo Nordisk site is fully responsive.

The website rebuild project for Team Novo Nordisk soon became one of our favorite projects. The TNN team was confident in their messaging, content, and focus, in addition to being passionate about their website reflecting their mission. Of course, great new pictures and videos didn't hurt either! We were excited to be able to bring our WordPress technical expertise and UX / content strategy experience to this site and build something everyone--on both the Clockwork and TNN teams--is proud to share.

Experience the site for yourself, or reach out and let's discuss what we can do for you!