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Is your website not getting seen?

An SEO audit is the first step towards rescuing your site from double-digit search engine exile. It's the data-driven blueprint for smart marketers and business leaders who want their website to start showing up and standing out in search results.

What’s an SEO Audit?

At a glance, an SEO audit is a deep dive into your website's health for search engines. It exposes areas for improvement, everything from slow loading times to weak content and more.

Ultimately, an audit is a first step to get your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more qualified visitors.


The Pitfalls of Cutting Corners

While some SEO services and agencies might offer quick fixes for fast results, these shortcuts can risk your site's credibility. And they are a red flag for search engines like Google and Bing. High-quality, durable SEO takes time and cutting corners never really gets the job done.

Why Opt for Our SEO Audit Services?

Partnering with professional SEO strategists is how to make sure your audit strengthens your website’s search presence ethically and effectively, setting you up for long term success.

Here at ClockworkWP, our specialized SEO audit goes far beyond just routine maintenance and off-the-shelf search strategy. Our approach includes assessments from on-page to off-page, technical SEO to content quality and more, pinpointing where your site needs to improve.

Included in Our Audit:

  • 1

    Technical SEO Analysis

    We analyze your site’s structure to ensure it supports search engine indexing to make sure your website is easy to find. This includes optimizing site speed and enhancing mobile responsiveness—key for performance across all devices.


  • 2

    On-Page SEO Evaluation:

    We review your content for keyword accuracy and quality, making sure it's both relevant and engaging to your audience. Content really is the key, or king – as they say! You'll receive actionable insights to improve your on-page SEO.

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    Off-Page SEO Insights:

    We assess your backlink profile and social media signals, which are vital for your online authority and ranking. Backlinks act like a vote of confidence from other websites, telling search engines your content is valuable.


An SEO audit started our work for SteelMart Inc., who increased their web traffic by over 1600% over four months.

Common SEO Challenges We Address:

  • Site Speed: Tackle factors that slow down your site, such as large images and excessive plugins.
  • Mobile Experience: Optimize your site for mobile users, a must these days.
  • Content Quality: Offer strategies to align your content more closely with your audience's interests and search needs.
  • Backlink Quality: Analyze your backlinks, advising on how to enhance their quality and increase their number in an ethical way.

Streamlined Audit Process:

We don’t believe in cookie cutter SEO approaches. But we also know what works and use our deep search experience to get right to work fixing your website’s future search dominance.

  1. Identify and Prioritize Issues: We help you spot the most critical SEO issues and organize them by their impact.
  2. Actionable Steps: For each issue, we outline specific steps for correction.

Continuous Improvement: SEO takes a sustained effort over time. Regular audits are recommended to adapt to evolving SEO practices and keep your site competitive.

How Long Does SEO Take to Work?

True SEO is an investment. Industry leaders like Semrush report that it takes at least 3 or 4 months to show real results. That’s also been our experience here at ClockworkWP. Sustainable results take sustained effort over time. An SEO audit is an important first step because it lays the groundwork for all future strategy, kind of like your roadmap to higher search rankings.

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