Story Coaching

Are you tired of your content falling flat, struggling to captivate your audience and inspire action?

 It’s time to transform your approach and take content engagement to a whole new level through specialized story coaching and consulting services tailored for nonprofits and small businesses.

Increase opens on your emails, boost social media engagement, and effectively share your vision and purpose with customers, stakeholders, and potential donors.

Britt Mooney, Clockwork team member and award-winning author of both fiction and non-fiction, will empower you with the timeless principles used by best-selling novels and blockbuster movies to craft narratives that resonate with your audience and compel action.

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Power of Story Foundational Sessions: $2,000

  1. Power of Story – Why does story matter? 
  2. Transformation – Focus on stories of transformation to inspire and engage
  3. Create a Hero – Every customer, donor, stakeholder wants to feel like they matter 
  4. Audience – Who is your audience? What problems are you solving? Who are you telling your stories to? 
  5. Comedy vs. Tragedy – The two main types of stories are both important to communicate why your organization matters

Topics for Additional StoryCoaching Sessions: $250 per session

  • StakesWhy should people care about your product, business, or organization?
  • HookGet the audience hooked and keep them engaged
  • Call to ActionBring your audience to a decision point
  • Rule of ThreeUse this universal rule to encourage action
  • Purpose/PassionWhat is the belief and vision behind your organization?
  • Voice/StyleHow do you communicate with personality and authenticity?

Most sessions last around 45-60 minutes and are full of principles and hands-on takeaways. Audience may take more than one session to focus on the right audience.

Let's tell your story.

What current Story Coaching participants have to say...

Tim Turner

Founder, Satisfeed

With Britt's patience, encouragement, and instruction I have started creating and posting stories. I thought the stories would fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. But, to my pleasant surprise, I am receiving positive responses and more and more ‘reads.’ I attribute 110% of the 'reads' and replies to Britt's instruction and coaching.

Mike Galeano

Redwood Marketing

After one session with Britt our team was able to immediately apply the content to better serve our clients. His coaching sessions didn't just give me tips on what to do or not to do but they seriously gave me a boost of confidence and clarity for how I should deliver my services so that they have the greatest impact. I felt like Luke Skywalker sitting under Master Yoda. If you're in need of guidance and want to take your organization to the next level, Britt Mooney's your guy.

Alonzo L. Medcalf

Asst. Professor of Multimedia Production and Communications, Missouri Baptist University

Anyone fortunate enough to experience Britt's message will be enriched, enlightened, and moved to embrace the transformative power of storytelling in their own lives.

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