Custom WordPress Plugin Development

by Aaron Reimann

December 16, 2016

If you have been ever needed a plugin to do any type of integration, Twitter, Facebook, something else more unique, you can spend a lot of time trying to find a plugin that fits your needs.  I’ve done that a ton of time doing that personally, and many time I think, “Wow, I could have written something that fits perfectly by now”.  I think a lot of design agencies spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect plugin and a the while we could have been writing one for them.

For example, I have spent some time researching a “Staff” plugin.  Most sites that we build require some time of staff listing, and the staff plugins that are out there don’t exactly fit the bill.  The solution has been for us to write a staff plugin, each time we use it, we add a few more features that the next client needs.  Over the years, we have created a great staff plugin that fits the need and we have the ability to extend it if we need.

That is one example, but we have written a ton of plugins.  From an auction plugin, membership plugin, Facebook plugin, “Kickstarter-like” plugin, tithing plugin, Google Map integrations, Instagram feeds plugin, Store locator integrations, etc.  We also try to stick with the WordPress standards of all functionality of the site lives in a plugin, and the theme is just a theme.  With every custom WordPress theme that we build there is a custom plugin.  That custom plugin might contain functionality to extend other plugins, or maybe just some custom posts.  But we are sticklers for writing good code, and sticking with the WordPress standards.


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