Celebrating 20 Years of WordPress by Speaking at WordCamp Europe 2023

by Aaron Reimann

July 20, 2023

Now that I’ve settled down from my trip to Israel and Greece, I wanted to share an exciting experience from WordCamp Europe 2023 in Athens, Greece. My talk, “Where Did We Come From: The History of WordPress,” delved into the platform’s journey from version 0.70 to its present-day dominance where WordPress powers 40% of the internet. What made it even more special was the following interview by WP Tavern, which is probably the most popular WordPress podcast, where I had the opportunity to discuss my passion for WordPress and its profound impact on the platform’s evolution.

The Session – Unveiling the Past:

At WordCamp Europe 2023, I had the privilege of presenting a talk that took attendees on a chronological journey through the history of WordPress. Starting from its humble beginnings in 2003 as a fork of b2/cafelog (version 0.71), I highlighted significant version releases and the transformative milestones that shaped WordPress into the powerful content management system it is today.

Throughout the talk, I emphasized the crucial role played by the WordPress community in driving the platform forward. The audience appreciated the collective efforts and collaboration that have fueled WordPress’ growth over the years.

WP Tavern Interview – A Meaningful Conversation:

Following my talk, I was honored to be interviewed by WP Tavern, the most renowned WordPress podcast. During the podcast episode, I shared insights into the inspiration behind my talk and the extensive research I conducted to uncover WordPress’ history.

In the interview (located here: https://wptavern.com/podcast/84-aaron-reimann-on-wordpress-first-twenty-years), I stressed the importance of understanding the platform’s roots, as it provides valuable insights into current challenges and opportunities for the WordPress community. It was a fantastic opportunity to reach a broader audience and ignite their interest in WordPress.

Impact and Takeaways:

The interview on WP Tavern allowed me to share my passion for WordPress history, encouraging others to embrace its legacy and make meaningful contributions to its ongoing success. I hope that my talk and interview inspire fellow WordPress enthusiasts to cherish the platform’s history and continue fostering a thriving community.


WordCamp Europe 2023 in Athens was a remarkable event, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share the history of WordPress with the community. My talk and the subsequent interview with WP Tavern allowed me to engage with fellow enthusiasts, reminding us all of the significant strides WordPress has made over the years.

I am humbled by the positive response and hope that my efforts contribute to preserving WordPress’s past and shaping its future. Let us continue to celebrate the spirit of collaboration within the WordPress community, driving it towards new heights as we progress together on this incredible journey.

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