WPScan – Elementor vs. Beaver Builder

As many of you know, ClockworkWP builds sites using Beaver Builder (BB). Why is that? Well, it’s pretty simple, BB existed before Elementor… that is the only reason we use it, but I’m glad we wound up sticking with BB instead of Elementor. If I had decided to start using Page Builders in 2017, there…

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Sharing a link on Facebook via WordPress

iMac on a desk

I spent too much time figuring this out.  I’m not a SEO guy, I’m a code guy.  But I also have to handle trouble tickets here and there and everywhere.  One of our clients needed full control over which is shared on Facebook on a page-by-page basis.  Some plugins handle a single image for every…

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How to Present Your Idea to a Developer

I’ve been in the web industry for almost 20 years. I run into people quite often with ideas where I could make big bucks, but I have never accepted the offer. Let me explain how the conversation normally goes. Case #1: We have Bob the developer, and Einstein as the one with the idea. Einstein:…

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