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Cheap hosting equals lost income

Most business owners are dying to land really good and really cheap hosting but they do not realize that this utopian hosting realm no longer exists, if it even really existed in the first place.

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Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms

When I started off with WordPress in 2008 the only plugin was Contact Form 7. Now, just like every type of plugin, there are many from which to choose. Some of the options seem to be a fly-by-night operation, but some have been around a while and don’t seem to be going anywhere. I’ll be…


Our Migration to Our Hosting Platform

Web hosting has changed dramatically since I first had my first server in 2004.  I know, what hasn’t changed dramatically in the tech world since then?  Back then Blackberrys (or Blackberries?) were cool and Facebook was called “The Facebook” and no one knew about it. The number of hosting platforms available these days is almost endless and just…

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Sharing a link on Facebook via WordPress

I spent too much time figuring this out.  I’m not a SEO guy, I’m a code guy.  But I also have to handle trouble tickets here and there and everywhere.  One of our clients needed full control over which is shared on Facebook on a page-by-page basis.  Some plugins handle a single image for every…


How to Present Your Idea to a Developer

I’ve been in the web industry for almost 20 years. I run into people quite often with ideas where I could make big bucks, but I have never accepted the offer. Let me explain how the conversation normally goes. Case #1: We have Bob the developer, and Einstein as the one with the idea. Einstein:…

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WordCamp Atlanta 2015

WordCamp Atlanta this year was slightly different. It was actually a three day event, at least for 1/3 of the people. Friday had the added day and it consisted of a beginner’s workshop. Unfortunately, the plan was to have a multisite where all 180 people, plus instructions like me, have their own WordPress install but…